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Movie News / Latest News - 1 month ago

A Hitchcock classic screening in 3D

Readers of this website are probably too young to remember the salad days of when every film on general release was presented in 3D. Well, the comeback starts here, as we’re teaming up with MUBI and Dalston’s wonderful Rio Cinema to present Alfred Hi...

Movie News / Latest News - 1 month ago

A Northern Soul

Steve is 42 and works as a line manager for safety equipment supplier Arco. He has a young daughter who is the centre of his world, even though he doesn’t see her so often. He is separated from his second wife and living back at home with his mum, wh...

Movie News / Latest News - 1 month ago

The King

For a documentary about Elvis, The King is strangely absent from this latest work by activist-filmmaker Eugene Jarecki. Not so much a straw man as a rhinestone-wearing one, the rock ’n’ roll icon’s function within 107 scattershot minutes is to symbol...